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GM Thomas Dimitroff talks about football, if he would be a cat or a dog

The early part of the combine includes talk about hand size, weird interview questions, and general manager's refusing to tip their hand about their offseason plans.

John Parra/Getty Images

Lets see what Atlanta Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff is up to at the NFL combine.

To start, he's killing them with those shoe/cowboy boot combinations.

I hate this part of the year. Also, I still think the answer to this question is "dog."

I think hand size and three-cone drill may be the two highest factors used by the Atlanta scouts.

Dimitroff is taking some liberties with the English language, as the offensive line took negative strides through most of the year. The interior line remains a problem.

This should be an understatement. Atlanta's two best offensive linemen were Jake Matthews and Ryan Schraeder, and there was no one else close.

Dimitroff and Quinn have both highlighted their focus on speed. Most people will pretend the combine drills are overrated, but it sounds as if fast 40 times will get a player some extra interest from the Falcons.

He should have a pretty good idea on what to do with these guys, but may want to see how some of the prospects look in Indianapolis. I would guess both linebackers get an original round tender, and Schraeder gets at least a 2nd round tender.

Good news for Atlanta. Most of the team's selections should be linemen.

Hardy came along slowly, but should be penciled into the slot position for 2016. Moving from East Carolina to the NFL was a pretty big transition.

Coleman remains a favorite of the staff, and should get a great opportunity to earn heavy snaps in the future.

Atlanta is doing some due diligence on tight ends, but based on his projected draft spot (early 2nd round), Henry would go earlier than the Falcons should even consider taking a tight end.

I hope no one bought a Hester jersey, because he is about to get cut.