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Falcons Roster Review: Akeem King

The rookie did more than anticipated, but what's his future look like?

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Akeem King wasn't really supposed to get on the field in 2016, given that he was a pretty raw seventh round pick who no one was initially sure would be a safety or a cornerback. King exceeded our expectations, then.

Let's take a look at the man who is the odds-on favorite to be the last cornerback on the roster in 2016.

A solid rookie campaign

All told, King wound up in five games, playing special teams and getting a little bit of run at cornerback. Unsurprisingly, he looked like an unfinished product in coverage, but he did have a nice pass deflection against Drew Brees and the Saints, and a single tackle. Just being active for five games was a bit of a surprise, so I consider his rookie season a very mild success, all told. We'll have to see if he can build on it.

Contract Status

King is under contract with the Falcons for the 2016 season at a cap hit of $525,000, after which he'll be a free agent.

2016 Outlook

I anticipate the Falcons will sign a veteran cornerback at some point this offseason to battle with King, and whoever wins will be the fourth cornerback into the game. King isn't particularly likely to top out as more than a useful reserve with some special teams value, but he's got the length and athleticism that Dan Quinn seems to covet in cornerbacks, so there may be more upside here. Regardless, he's a reserve in 2016.