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Dan Quinn talks roster moves, draft in Combine and Twitter remarks

A busy, public-facing day for the fired up head coach of the Atlanta Falcons.

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The Falcons' head coach was surely jacked to be at the Combine today, and he celebrated it by speaking with the media and fielding fan questions on Twitter. We followed along, and now we're curating the best and most interesting remarks for your reading (and likely debating) pleasure.

On roster moves

This is what many of us have suspected for a while now. Clayborn was a useful, arguably misused piece as a rotational defensive end and defensive tackle, and another short-term deal makes a ton of sense for him. Schofield is a Dan Quinn favorite and a quality reserve. Both should be back, unless Clayborn stumbles into a lucrative contract.

Irvin is a logical target for Atlanta—he's a quality pass rusher, he's got that Dan Quinn connection, and he wants to come to Atlanta—but his market price will likely determine whether he actually ends up with the Falcons. Quinn (and Dimitroff, tomorrow) certainly aren't going to say anything.

Roddy's status is still up in the air. I have believed all along that he'll return, but you never know in the NFL, and the team's continued silence is enough to make you nervous whether you want him cut or not.

This seems like a cruel thing to say, but the Falcons' front seven is generally quite slow, with only Vic Beasley standing out for his speed. Dan Quinn obviously wants to remedy that, and linebacker and end are the two likeliest upgrades.

On the roster

With Dan Quinn, I honestly believe that players being singled out for praise is meaningful. Jarrett should be a force in his second year, and with Paul Soliai leaving, I'm willing to bet he'll get starter's snaps.

Hardy's going to be the team's third receiver in 2016, and if takes a big step forward, he may be the third option in the passing game, period. I'm hopeful he'll wind up being a terrific receiver.

This is a mild surprise. Soliai was one of the more expensive guys on the roster this season, that's that understandable, and Roddy White has made it clear he's not interested in re-structuring. Tyson Jackson, though, seems like an obvious candidate for a changed contract, as does Devin Hester.

On the Combine

A name to keep an eye on, because he's a speedy defender, Dan Quinn has a connection to him, and he's a small school guy, which Thomas Dimitroff is sure to love.

Obvious, yes, but I always enjoy how fired up Dan Quinn is about things like asking prospects questions.

The linebacker described here will have to originate from the draft, because he is not currently on the roster.

What else did you find noteworthy from this press conference?