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Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank confident in personnel evaluation staff as NFL combine kicks off

Fact: Arthur Blank does a mean Sylvester Stallone impersonation

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

It's an exciting day to be an Atlanta Falcons fan. As Dan Quinn's second season as head coach kicks off in earnest, there's a lot of work to be done. While the Falcons expect to have over $30 million in cap space, much of that will be used to sign rookies and fill out the roster. Sure, there may be a few splash signings, but this team needs to build through the draft. This is undoubtedly the most important draft in recent Falcons history. If Thomas Dimitroff and his merry band of scouts don't hit a home run, then Mr. Pomade will find himself jobless.

The talented Vaughn McClure penned an excellent read yesterday about the state of the personnel evaluation staff. (Give it a read, if you haven't already.) It contains this gem:

"As I said, I think the depth of the changes that have been made on the pro side -- completely redone -- and the significant changes with the deletions and additions on the college side will give us a different capacity in terms of evaluation," Blank said. "I also think now we're talking about a second-year head coach (in Dan Quinn) who has more experience in that regard and is more clear with what he's trying to accomplish. All of those things coupled together, I think, will equal a better result for the franchise."

Of course Blank says this - what else would he say, given the circumstances? But wait! There's more: if you read McClure's article, it appears Dan Quinn, in conjunction with  Blank, undertook a deliberate, calculated process aimed at righting this ship. From a scouting standpoint, they're going all in. Was firing Dimitroff and starting over with a new GM an option? Absolutely. But this is as close to that as they could get. There's now 4 people in that front office with GM experience; that's a lot. If they can't all put their heads together and produce a quality draft class, I'll be shocked.

Your thoughts?