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What is your dream Atlanta Falcons offseason?

Live your dreams.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I spend so much time crushing dreams--no Eric Berry, no Von Miller!--that I thought I'd encourage you to reach for the stars for a change.

Tell me your dream offseason for these Falcons, working only within the constraints of the salary cap and your own imagination. Include free agents and draft picks, outlandish coaching changes, and uniform swaps if you like, because this is your dream.

You're going to accuse me of not aiming high enough with my dream offseason, but I'm trying to be semi-realistic with this, perhaps out of habit.

Dave's Dream Offseason

  • Sign safety Eric Weddle
  • Sign defensive end Mario Williams
  • Sign defensive end Chris Long
  • Sign linebacker Danny Trevathan
  • Re-sign O'Brien Schofield, Gino Gradkowski, Philip Wheeler, Bryce Harris
  • Sign tight end Dwayne Allen
  • Sign a decent veteran cornerback
  • Sign a quality veteran guard (Brandon Brooks?)
  • Draft pass rusher, linebacker, center, wide receiver, and a defensive tackle

In my eyes, this offseason would lift the team's linebacker play, solidify a few key positions, and put the Falcons in the position to contend in what promises to be a tough season. With the exception of Trevathan, none of the contracts here should be overly lengthy and/or onerous.

What say you?