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If you're souring on Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, consider the alternatives

Fact: Matt Ryan can stuff any entire bag of M&Ms into his nose

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Last night I wrote about Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. I raved about his shockingly low failed completion percentage. To be fair, with all the bad decisions he made in 2015, it was easy to take Ryan for granted. But you can't, you just can't, because there aren't lots of quality alternatives.

Consider the upcoming draft and the quarterback prospects it will feature.

So acute is the chronic shortage of capable passers in the pass-happy NFL heading into this week's scouting combine in Indianapolis that analysts say at least three and possibly four quarterbacks could be taken in the first round in April. This despite the fact not one member of the current passer crop — not even the top-rated Carson Wentz of North Dakota State — is considered a sure-fire prospect capable of starting from Day 1.

The vast majority of Falcons fans understand the point I'm making here. Sure, Ryan had a lackluster 2015. And sure, he has some serious work to do. That said, a guy with Ryan's talent doesn't come along every day. I'm not comparing him to Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, because he's not that good. I'm just pointing out the sheer lunacy of blindly calling for his replacement.

If all goes according to plan, the Falcons can reasonably expect to get another 4-6 years of quality football from Matty Ice. Does he frustrate me? Sure. Do I throw things at the TV when he throws an ill-timed interception? You betcha. But am I looking forward to the day the Falcons start their search for his replacement? Absolutely not.

Your thoughts?