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NFL Free Agency 2016: Rams release three intriguing players the Falcons should pursue

It's rare that teams release multiple free agents in February that you favorite team should be interested in, but here we are.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams just made free agency a hell of a lot more interesting than it was.

Let's cut to the chase: The Falcons should pursue all three players, though Long is especially intriguing.  Laurinaitis isn't the great player he looked to be coming out in the draft (I wanted the Falcons to take him), and per Pro Football Focus, he was abjectly bad in 2015. I still think he has the talent to help out, and given how unsettled linebacker is for Atlanta, he could be a nice upside signing on a two year deal, if you can get that done.

Chris Long is not the player he once was, either, and it's unlikely he'll ever match his 2011-2013 peak, when he had 33 sacks in three seasons. But he's still a capable pass rusher and run stopper, and he'd make a strong rotational end for Atlanta. It's very possible that his best days haven't completely faded.

Finally, Jared Cook is a deeply frustrating, inconsistent tight end, but one with quality production, plus athleticism, and certainly more upside than Jacob Tamme in this Falcons' offense.

None of these guys are home runs, in other words, but every single one of them could help this Falcons team. I hope we'll see one of these former Rams added to the roster before the offseason is over.