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Roddy White plans to retire with the Atlanta Falcons

We welcome you to the weekly update on the future of Atlanta's most veteran wide receiver.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There have been a lot of questions surrounding Roddy White this offseason. He is coming off an uneven year, is pretty expensive, and struggled to find a consistent role in Kyle Shanahan's offense. But at the same time, the team cut Leonard Hankerson during the season, and have nearly non-existent depth behind Julio Jones.

Roddy has previously said he won't take a pay cut, and Quinn has talked up Roddy as a player who can take on some coaching responsibilities. There are a ton of possibilities, but no one is quite sure what will happen with the career-long Falcon.

Roddy made his intentions clear tonight on his Twitter account.

This is another interesting development, but no one knows if Atlanta will ask Roddy to take a pay cut, or if they will try to replace him entirely. Everyone is saying all the right things, and it feels like it would be an upset if Roddy does not return for at least one more season in red and black.