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Report: Atlanta Falcons selling lots of personal seat licenses for new stadium

Fact: Falcons cheerleaders aren't required to purchase personal seat licenses

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons will have a fancy new stadium in 2017. It's expensive, futuristic, and ... expensive. The Falcons are requiring personal seat licenses if you want season tickets. In short, it's a one-time cost that allows you to purchase season tickets. Personal seat licenses are transferrable, and the market determines their value.

When the transition to personal seat licenses was first announced, the fanbase balked. Many season ticket holders threatened to pull the plug. Apparently that's a basically  a non-issue for the franchise.

Michael Drake, vice president of the Legends Global Sales firm handling the PSL process for the team, said the first-year results surpassed expectations based on his previous projects ...

"We blew those out of the water here." According to figures obtained by The Associated Press in an open records request from the Georgia World Congress Center Authority, the Falcons sold 26,617 PSLs for $153,798,000 in the first year of sales.

So what does this mean? It means the Falcons won't have any problem transitioning to personal seat licenses. All those long-time season ticket holders who now feel the need to "boycott" on principle will be replaced. They'll be replaced by richer fans with more disposable income. Sad but true.

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