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Quinn, Dimitroff Enact 100 Day Plan

There's never really an offseason when it comes to coaching and scouting football.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

According to D. Orlando Ledbetter of the AJC, Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff have put together a 100 day plan for the offseason.

Noteworthy offseason days include the NFL Combine (Feb. 23-29), the start of free agency (Mar. 9), the NFL Draft (Apr. 28-30), and the first day allotted for Rookie Minicamp (May 6).

The elephant in the room is what the team plans to do with Roddy White. The article suggests they're examining a role for Roddy that would take into account the success of slightly-younger (32) Larry Fitzgerald, who had arguably the best season in his NFL career this year.

The article goes on to elaborate more about the recent hiring of Joel Collier, the new Director of Pro Personnel, and two former GMs in Phil Emery and Ruston Webster as national scouts. Quinn said he put Webster and Emery "on tape", which suggests there is something Quinn sees on tape that he wants his scouts to look for. I imagine this is common practice in the NFL, but to have it said out loud is a comforting thing.

Dimitroff said the additions of Webster and Emery are not about filling a void, but rather expanding their knowledge. This goes in line with the larger coaching staffs that we've come to see in today's NFL. As I've said on this blog before, I'm a big believer in having a larger amount of people take on a task. More people means more ideas, which inevitably leads to better ideas. Whether or not the team runs with those ideas could make or break Dan Quinn's legacy in Atlanta.

What do you say, Falcons fans? Are you a fan with a plan? Or would you rather they play it by ear?