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Should the Falcons draft a backup quarterback?

Wondering aloud about the possibility of acquiring a young signal caller in April.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

We mentioned in our roster review that Sean Renfree is no lock to be the team's backup quarterback for another season, and while Matt Ryan's clipboard caddy probably isn't keeping you up at night, the Falcons would ideally have a strong option behind him. If you (and they) think that's Renfree, who is entering his fourth year in the NFL, then that's terrific. If not, perhaps you consider the draft.

I posed this question to Twitter yesterday and got a wide variety of responses, as you can see below. The most popular answers were "no, we don't need to draft a quarterback," Ohio State's Cardale Jones, and Mississippi State's Dak Prescott. The latter is likely to go way too early for the Falcons' tastes, while the former is a deeply intriguing prospect who might be had late, but may or may not be a fit for what Kyle Shanahan and company are looking for in a backup quarterback.

This is somewhat of an unpopular notion because the Falcons have just five picks, and even using a seventh round pick on a backup quarterback feels wasteful when you have as many needs as Atlanta does. I don't think it's completely outside of the realm of possibility that the Falcons take a look at a class with a lot of semi-interesting quarterbacks and wind up selecting one late to groom as a long-term backup.

I think there's a legitimate chance they'll wind up snagging one in the seventh, but that would be the only realistic spot for one, and it's certainly not a lock that there will be someone they find more intriguing than Renfree and current practice squad candidate Matt Simms.

Of course, they could just go their usual route and scoop up an undrafted free agent or two to compete with Renfree. What's your take?