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Expect a young, athletic group of cornerbacks for the Falcons in 2016

Just don't necessarily expect them all to be good.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We haven't spent a lot of time discussing cornerback, because so many other positions on the roster deserve more immediate attention. Cornerback, by virtue of Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford, will be one of the team's strengths in 2016.

What's simultaneously terrifying and great about this team's corners is this: They're all young. Alford is the elder statesman of the group at 27, Trufant is just 25, Jalen Collins is 22, and Akeem King is 23.That's terrific because the team could have its cornerback corps for the next few years even if they don't elect to keep Robert Alford when he hits free agency, and it's scary because they're going to rely heavily on at least one cornerback who is both young and unproven along the way.

That will be gravy if Collins improves drastically in his second year, and if King can be a decent fourth cornerback and chip in on special teams, as I suspect he can. So much hinges on Collins taking that step forward, and if he does not, the Falcons will go from needing to sign a decent veteran backup to seriously considering acquiring a corner who can play significant snaps as Collins continues to mature. I expect the Falcons to spend the summer figuring that out.

Even after the inevitable veteran signing, this is a group with a ton of promise and youth. Hopefully, it's also a good one.