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Richard Sherman: Atlanta Falcons DB Desmond Trufant "what you look for in a corner"

Fact: Desmond Trufant believes he can fly, believes he can touch the sky

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons cornerback Desmond Trufant is a talented player. As cornerbacks go, he's shamefully underrated. He is not, however, overlooked. Teams deliberately avoid throwing in his direction.

Trufant's unique skill set earned him a trip to the Pro Bowl this season. He got play alongside Richard Sherman who once played alongside Trufant's brother, Marcus. According to Sherman, the brothers are a lot alike.

"It looks right to see a Trufant out here at the Pro Bowl, because that's the kind of caliber of players they are. You expect to see him out here [and] he plays the game like it's supposed to be played. He's scrappy. I think he was the least-targeted corner in the league this year, and for good reason." And Sherman can't help but notice similarities between Desmond and Marcus [who have] similar games: "They both play off, they're both incredibly instinctive, they both have great feet, great eyes. They're what you look for in a corner."

Compliments like these from a guy like Sherman, no matter what you think of him as a person, mean something. Trufant is undoubtedly popular with his coaches, fans, and teammates. But when the best players at your position also think you're a rock star, then you've officially made it.