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How every NFL team has done in the Super Bowl

Get ready to be depressed.

Al Bello/Getty Images

The Super Bowl is approaching, and so it's time to take a trip through the NFL's history and see how each team has fared in the big game. Taking a look at this, it's worth noting that the same dozen or so teams have been there many times, and the luckiest teams have made it once or twice and not lost. Many, many teams are still searching for their first victories, and the Carolina Panthers can get theirs this coming Sunday.

NFL Teams Super Bowl Record

Ravens: 2-0
Saints: 1-0
Jets: 1-0
Bucaneers: 1-0
49ers: 5-1
Packers: 4-1
Giants: 4-1
Steelers: 6-2
Cowboys: 5-3
Raiders: 3-2
Redskins: 3-2
Patriots: 4-4
Colts: 2-2
Bears: 1-1
Chiefs: 1-1
Dolphins: 2-3
Broncos: 2-5
Seahawks: 1-2
Rams: 1-2
Cardinals: 0-1
Falcons: 0-1
Panthers: 0-1
Chargers: 0-1
Titans: 0-1
Bengals: 0-2
Eagles: 0-2
Bills: 0-4
Vikings: 0-4

As you can see, the NFL's vaunted recent parity doesn't amount to much, and nine teams have still never won one. With any luck, the Falcons will be off that list in the near future, and comfortably removed from the poor Bills and Vikings.