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NFL power rankings 2016: Atlanta Falcons still kicking after week 13 loss

Fact: Freddie Falcon has a half sister named Winifred

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons are in an awkward position right now. On the one hand, they've played good football this season, navigating the NFC's toughest schedule. On the other hand, anxiety about where this team goes now is, in a word, natural. I'm inclined to think the sky isn't falling. And guess what? Most media outlets agree. Here are the week 14 power rankings: 12th

Took some grief on Twitter and on Falcons message boards for suggesting that, up until this year,Matt Ryan had been slightly (slightly!) overrated. Ryan has dominated parts of 2016. However, I think we can agree that Sunday's showing was not his best. Even getting past the first-half pick-six, it's hard to excuse the interception on the game-changing two-point conversion.

ESPN: 10th

The Falcons' rivalry with the Saints went a little too far Sunday. The Saints lost on a defensive conversion in a tie game a few weeks ago, so the Falcons one-upped them by losing on a defensive conversion when they had the lead. The Falcons hope to erase that bad taste in Los Angeles this week.

SB Nation: 6th

Yahoo Sports: 9th

Washington Post: 12th

Coach Dan Quinn's decision to go for two late against the Chiefs, with a one-point lead, was the right call. It just turned out so wrong, with QB Matt Ryan throwing an interception that Kansas City's Eric Berry returned for the decisive defensive two-pointer. Things are heading in the wrong direction for the Falcons, with two losses in three games. But the schedule is kind from here with the Rams, 49ers, Panthers and Saints remaining.

Bleacher Report: 7th

Jones and his offense didn't make the same big plays the Chiefs did. Kansas City racked up 232 yards on only 24 first-half plays. Young stars such as Vic Beasley and Keanu Neal have some growing up do; the playoffs are no longer a given now that Tampa Bay has come roaring back.

CBS Sports: 10th

If the Falcons can't go 3-1 over the next four games, then they simply don't belong in the playoffs. That's an indisputable fact. Their destiny is in their hands. Your thoughts?