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Falcons bring back Malliciah Goodman, promote OL Kevin Graf

The Falcons make some roster moves and bring back a familiar face.

New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons have made a few roster moves, including one suggesting that Jake Matthews might not be playing on Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams. Also they reportedly decided yet again that Cliff Matthews isn’t worth rostering.

This may be Cliff’s last go round, as he’s now 27 and still has zero career sacks. You might remember Malliciah Goodman as one of the countless defensive ends that never developed or earned playing time under Mike Smith. He’s bounced around and failed to do much, but the team must like him over Matthews.

The Falcons swapped a center for a tackle, indicating they might not be overly optimistic Matthews returns this week. It looks like a depth move that’s a little concerning. Graf played at USC, and has bounced between the Philadelphia Eagles, Indianapolis Colts, and the Atlanta Falcons.

On the plus side, the Falcons didn’t add a wide receiver, indicating that they really are optimistic about Julio Jones. Turf toe injuries are notoriously tricky, but for better or worse, the team doesn’t sound worried.