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The Falcoholic Saints vs. Falcons ticket giveaway winners

Congratulations to our winners, Margaret Sanders and Rick Purcell.

The Falcoholic’s Saints vs. Falcons ticket giveaway has concluded, and we have our winners. We’d like to congratulate Margaret Sanders, who has never been to a game in the Georgia Dome before, for winning the trivia contest. Our congratulations also go to Rick Purcell, who won the Photoshop contest with the entry below, which the editorial staff here has officially titled “Tiny Julio.”

We got several entries for the Photoshop contest that were fun, funny and/or very well done, so we wanted to share our top 10 with you.

This one’s from Adrian Langston. Bro...

This is a pretty cool one, from bones_im.

This wasn’t actually a Photoshop, but it was a sweet submission from Christian Cade, who was reminiscing about proposing to his wife.

Julio Jones, the GOAT, from Christian Daniell.

This one, from Jonathan Mason ... well, it speaks for itself.

I thought this one, from Joshua Davis, was awesome.

Kevin Anthony submitted this one and I legitimately cried laughing.

This one’s from Matt O’Grady, and hahahahahahahaha.

And this one, from our own Ville Terenius, perfectly embodies the Falcons, I think.

Though I kind of liked this one from Terenius better, primarily because Dave Choate has his game face on.

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to everyone who entered. We had over 800 entries for the trivia contest alone, so it was a wonderful response, and we appreciate all of you.