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If Denver Broncos LB Von Miller can't win sack crown, he wants Atlanta Falcons LB Vic Beasley to have it

Fact: Von Miller puts ketchup on his pineapple

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Atlanta Falcons LB Vic Beasley is leading the NFL with 14.5 sacks this season. Last year's Super Bowl MVP, Von Miller, has 13.5 sacks. I suck at math, but according to my calculations, Beasley is winning. Beasley and Miller are good friends; in fact, Miller has frequently referred to Beasley as his "little brother." Even so, you can imagine a scenario where this irks Miller, especially since the Broncos aren't going to the playoffs.

But as it turns out, he's not, because Miller has a special place in his heart for Beasley. (Credit to Vaughn McClure for the quote.)

"I'm not going to lie: At the end of the day, I want that," Miller said of the sack crown. "But it's Vic Beasley. If it was anybody else, I'd feel totally different about it. But, like I said, that's like my little brother out there. I'm very, very proud of him."

Don't forget where this friendship came from. They met through a mutual friend: a gentlemen known as Richard Smith. (Smith was the Broncos LB coach for Miller's first four years in the league.)

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