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The Falcoholic Podcast Episode 10: Reliving the beatdown of the Panthers

Laughter abounds as the crew enjoys the recent victories by the Falcons.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

You know what’s fun? Beating the Panthers twice in the same season by two or more scores both times. Watching Matt Ryan set new NFL records en route to 20 first half points and an eventual 17 point win is why we follow this team and it’s why this 2016 season has felt special.

Jeanna and DW are joined by THE Falcoholic himself, Dave Choate, to talk about that Carolina beat down along with a host of other topics. The crew talked about the Falcons 6 (7 if you include our alternate Patrick DiMarco) Pro-Bowlers and what it means about the 2016 season. After another strong performance on Sunday, the editors debate whether Ryan should be at the forefront of the MVP race.

The talk shifts to the playoffs and whether or not the Falcons should make a strong push on Sunday to get that 2nd seed (and first round bye) or whether they should rest their starters. The podcast ends by talking about the upcoming game against the Saints along with score predictions, which are predictably high.

There’s lots of laughter and swearing (mostly by Jeanna). Tune in if you dare.

(01:56) Jeanna and DW are joined by THE Falcoholic himself, Dave Choate. They start the conversation by discussing the Falcons Pro-Bowlers this year.

(08:46) The talk turns to the Falcons big victory against the Carolina Panthers and whether Matt Ryan should be the 2016 NFL MVP

(38:17) Playoffs? Yes! The crew talks about the upcoming playoffs and whether the Falcons should play for the #2 seed

(46:29) Jeanna, DW and Dave finish the conversation by looking ahead to the final game against the New Orleans Saints

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