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Falcons head coach Dan Quinn sends another sacrifice to the lake of fire

Dan Quinn couldn't sleep.

He did something no one has been able to do since 2012: coach the Atlanta Falcons to the playoffs. With one more win, they lock up a first round bye. He should be celebrating.

Quinn stares unblinking into the darkness of night for minutes. Then hours. Then he loses track of time entirely. He feels at home in the darkness. Staring into the blackness until the darkness blinks back with black, empty eyes.

“Freddie Falcon, you get the hell out of here!” How does he always get in? Quinn changed the locks seven times. Freddie stands up from the corner of the room and quietly leaves. Quinn knows he will be back, but he’s not worried about that.

Does Freddie know Quinn can’t continue sacrificing players? Is Quinn a liability to the giant, metal falcon that lives in the Flowery Branch practice facility? Would Freddie do away with Quinn? Would Quinn himself be subjected to the burning, judgmental fire pit beneath the screeching sound of the ancient falcon?

Quinn turns on the lights and cleans up the mostly eaten bird seed from the corner of his room. Freddie had turned some Falcons shirts into a shredded nest. Underneath the nest was a... ancient knife?

Things were clearly coming to a end for the better or worse. Is this all worth a winning season? Quinn’s only hope is to chance it, or leave abruptly in the middle of the night like Bobby Petrino. What is he going to do?

Quinn sees his phone light up. It’s a text message.

He’s already waited too long. Another must be judged by the lake of fire.

Quinn boots in Jake, who based on his play against the Panthers, has no chance of sidestepping out of the way. Jake Matthews has had a great year, but when he has a bad game, it all falls apart. Saturday was one of those days.

Who helped seal away the win?

The Falcons briefly had a point where they were reeling. Thanks to Tevin Coleman, it lasted all of 15 seconds. Atlanta was looking at 3 and 21 with the Panthers surging. Thanks to two back to back Coleman plays, Atlanta scored a touchdown thanks in part to his ridiculous speed.

Coleman sealed the win and is just another part of a super-deep offense.