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Arthur Blank: Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan "gets my vote" for MVP

Fact: Arthur Blank's sweet nothings are decidedly above average

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is having a career year in 2016. But you knew that already. You knew about his absurd touchdown to interception ratio. You knew about his nearly 5,000 passing yards. You knew about his way above average passer rating that tops that of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. All these things we know, but alas, we don't get to do the MVP voting.

NFL owners are supposed to like their teams. Generally speaking, they do. There are exceptions, particularly when a team isn't playing well. But one thing is certain: Arthur Blank hearts him some Matty Ice. Such was the tone in Blank's recent comments about Ryan's MVP candidacy. (Credit to the always amazing Vaughn McClure for the quote. Please go read his article now, if you haven't already.)

"There are a lot of great players in this league, and I think Matt has had an MVP year," Blank told "How people vote, they'll vote, but Matt certainly gets my vote. That's for sure."

This is basically Blank engaging in deliberate, conspicuous lobbying on his QB1's behalf. But he's saying what needs to be said. From a purely statistical standpoint, there's no doubting Ryan's MVP credentials. A huge game Sunday could launch him into the promised land. But even if Brady predictably, cruelly takes the crown, we all know what a huge year Ryan has had. And for that we're grateful.