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Atlanta has over 500 points on the season, joining rare company

The marks keep rolling in for the Atlanta Falcons, as they should.

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons surpassed 500 points yesterday in a big win against the Panthers, which put them in rare company.

EDIT: The important note is that the Falcons could easily be top ten all-time in scoring once this next game wraps up. The 2013 Broncos (606 points) are still the record holder, but the #10 Indianapolis Colts from 2004 (522 points) and 1999 St. Louis Rams (526 points) are very much within reach. Because the Falcons are playing the Saints, even the #8 2000 St. Louis Rams team that put up 540 and 1983 Washington Redskins that scored 541 are technically within reach. It’s a historic season for Atlanta, regardless of how many they wind up scoring this weekend.

This is yet another reminder that this Falcons team is having a pretty magical, historic season, at least on offense, and we may never see the likes of it again. There’s one more week of the regular season to set team and league records, and we’ll be diving into which ones are on the table later this week. For now, though, we should get used to the idea that this team will be one of the highest-scoring ever very soon.