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Atlanta Falcons move to two seed in NFC, one win away from first round bye

Woah, I didn’t think today could top out shellacking the Panthers.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Then I was wrong. The Falcons needed a lot of things to go right to move up to the two seed. It looked unlikely, especially with a struggling Arizona Cardinals playing the Seattle Seahawks.

Thanks in part to a last second field goal, the formerly second place Seahawks lost and fell down in the NFC standings. Seattle’s thoughts?

Falcons already locked up the NFC South today, and are now just behind the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC. Seattle falls all the way to fourth, with the Detroit Lions in at third.

The move up is huge. The Falcons can secure a first round bye week and rest their beaten up team. They could play the winner of the wild card weekend fresh.

Dan Quinn has to keep his foot on the gas. Atlanta has the occasionally tough New Orleans next week, while the Seahawks get to play... the San Francisco 49ers. Falcons need a win next week to get a much needed break.