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End of an era: Former Atlanta Falcons WR J.D. McKissic claimed by Seattle Seahawks

Fact: J.D. McKissic is an accomplished bagpiper

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons made the difficult, inexplicable, highly questionable decision to waive J.D. McKissic yesterday. The talented Matt Chambers broke down the implications of this move yesterday. In short, we're doomed, Thomas Dimitroff is brain dead, and my canary's head fell off.

Now for some bad news. McKissic didn't clear waivers so he unfortunately won't land back on the Falcons practice squad. Instead, he's heading to ... rainier pastures. The Seattle Seahawks claimed McKissic today. Your eyes do not deceive you. You read that correctly; he's gone. Gone! Take a minute, process your emotions, and compose yourself.

The Seahawks have to add McKissic to their active roster. He will immediately step in as their WR1 likely be relegated to a special teams role. Given that he's late to their party, he's unlikely to play much offense. Serious moment here: we of course wish him the very best. The kid does have raw talent, hopefully he can make some noise someday soon.

Your thoughts?