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Atlanta Falcons set franchise scoring record against the 49ers

The team’s first quarter score puts them over 442 points, the record set by the 1998 Atlanta Falcons.

Atlanta Falcons v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

With their third score in the first quarter, the Atlanta Falcons have set their franchise scoring record, which they’re going to continue to blow by. They’re up 21-0 over the 49ers as I type this, which is ridiculous and yet not unexpected.

The previous record was 442 points, and the Falcons are now up to 449 points. In the first quarter, you’ll recall.

Atlanta’s offense under Kyle Shanahan this year has been the best in the NFL, so it’s not shocking that they’re setting a franchise record today. Matt Ryan is having his best season ever, the ground game looks good, and Julio Jones and Taylor Gabirel have been giving me uncomfortable tingling sensations in my groin that I’d rather not discuss further at this time.

The previous record had been set in 1998, you’ll recall, by the best team in franchise history. That team had Jamal Anderson in his prime, some terrific receivers, and a stingy defense that gave the offense plenty of opportunities, but the 2016 team is on another level and playing in an offense-friendly environment. That record didn’t stand a chance.

With two games left, the Falcons have a legitimate chance to surpass 500 points, which would leave the franchise record shattered and put them in the top 20 or so greatest offensive seasons in NFL history. After watching them destroy defenses for 14 games this year,