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Predicting the final outcome of Falcons - 49ers

Spoiler: We are expecting a win. Again.

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Matt Chambers

Falcons 48 - 49ers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It sounds weird because Atlanta just played the Rams, but the 49ers may have the weakest roster in the entire NFL. The 49ers are on the road, and are so limited in what they do well that Atlanta shouldn’t have a problem steamrolling them.


Falcons 31 - 49ers 10

The Rams at least had the benefit of having a pretty decent defense, not that it did them any good. The 49ers have the worst defense in the league and are basically a turnstile for any running back. Their offense is a disaster with key injuries to guys like Vance McDonald, Joe Staley and ineffective play from Colin Kaepernick and Torrey Smith. I hate predicting blowouts, but if the Falcons somehow manage to lose this game they don’t deserve to go to the postseason anyways.

Caleb Rutherford

Falcons 34 - 49ers 20

The Falcons owe Colin Kaepernick an ass whooping for the 2012 NFC Championship Game. While I think Kap’s legs will bring back a few bad memories, the team around him is too bad to make up for their deficiencies.

Kevin Knight

Falcons 42 - 49ers 23

This is a game that the Falcons should control from start to finish. While the 49ers offense is a bit more competent than the Rams, I belive the Falcons defense will keep them down for most of the game. San Francisco has been measurably worse on the road this season, and the Falconsare certainly looking to avenge last year’s loss. Look for Atlanta to roll to another comfortable win on Sunday.

Allen Strk

Falcons 38- 49ers 20

This game should be pretty straightforward. San Francisco lacks talent on both sides of the ball. Expect a heavy dosage of Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman, as Kyle Shanahan should lean on them. The running game was ineffective last week against Los Angeles. The 49ers defense has allowed 170 rushing yards per game, which is easily worst in the league. Shanahan is constantly looking to exploit an opposing defense’s biggest weakness. We could see another blowup game between the dynamic duo. As long as the defense contains Carlos Hyde, it shouldn’t be very competitive.

Kyle McClendon

Falcons 38 - 49ers 14

I'm really not sure what to expect in this game other than some… football. Falcons should (notice: should) win comfortably. Defense looks to have another big game against a lackluster offense from San Francisco. The running game has a great opportunity to come back to life against the 49ers defense, but I think we see a normal Falcons attack: versatile, unpredictable, but going with what works. The bottom line is that the Falcons should win, and they should win somewhat handily.