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NFL Week 15 early games discussion and schedule

There are no NFC South games early, but there are games with NFC playoff implications.

New York Giants v Detroit Lions Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

This is one of those unusual weekends where there are no NFC South games in the early slate, with the Buccaneers up against the Cowboys tonight, the Panthers playing on Monday Night Football, and the Saints on for 4:05 p.m. along with the Falcons. That means you might struggle to find something you care about to watch.

There are NFC playoff implications, though, which we’ll need to watch closely. The top game of the afternoon pits the Giants against the Lions, with a Giants win potentially helping the Falcons edge toward the 3rd seed, assuming they take care of their own business.

Here’s the full slate!

Buffalo Bills vs. Cleveland Browns, 1 p.m. EST

New York Giants vs. Detroit Lions, 1 p.m. EST

Baltimore Ravens vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 1 p.m. EST

Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers, 1 p.m. EST

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tennessee Titans, 1 p.m. EST

Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars, 1 p.m. EST