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The Falcoholic Podcast Episode 9: The Rams are so, so bad

It’s fun to laugh at other teams for once

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

DW and Jeanna were joined this week by the “Executive Director of Hot Takes” at the Falcoholic, Matt “Everyone’s a bust” Chambers. The podcast began on a light note, as the group recapped the Falcons thorough trashing of the Jeff Fisher Rams. It’s always easier to talk about games when your team has won by the end of the third quarter.

The conversation shifted to the rest of the NFC South, with Jeanna going off on Cam Newton’s wardrobe in recent weeks. This is a particular stretch of the podcast you probably don’t want to miss. Will the Bucs go on a run to win the division? The group also answers this question.

Finally, we turned our attention to the woeful 49ers, who may have the worst defense the Falcons have faced this year. The conversation covers whether or not Colin Kaepernick can run all over this Falcons defense, what players are actually going to be playing for the 49ers on defense, along with our predictions for the game on Sunday.

(01:46) David, Jeanna and Matt talk about the Falcons thrashing of the Rams and their middle-school offense

(25:19) The conversation turns to the rest of the NFC South, with some particularly scathing takes about Cam Newton's wardrobe choices

(37:43) The laughter continues as the group looks ahead to the game against the 1-12 49ers with predictions for the game

As always, you can find the Falcoholic Podcast on iTunes, the Google Play store and Stitcher.