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We award one the game ball, sacrifice another to a pit of fire

Another week goes by with someone getting severe burns.

Let’s start off with the good. With his second photoshopped award this season, Vic Beasley is the most celebrated Falcons player this season.

Beasley is one of the top young players in the NFL. He’s in elite company, and may very well become Atlanta’s best pass rusher ever. Maybe next week sacrifices will go to the god-like Vic Beasley instead of Samuel L. Falcon.

Who does Dan Quinn sacrifice this week? With a dominant win, there’s no easy answer. Except when the answer is Eric Weems.

This is his second time here and I’m really shocked he’s still on the team. I appreciate his blocking, and he’s a decent gunner. But he’s been a terrible returner. Too many fair catches near the end zone, and when he does run it, he doesn’t have speed to make an impact. Plus with Atlanta’s top two wide receivers out, Weems played a total of four offensive snaps.

What are the Falcons getting out of Weems? He’s a shadow of who he was years ago, and the Falcons would be better served giving Taylor Gabriel, or even Justin Hardy a shot at returns.