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Matt Ryan for MVP, and an old friend is sacrificed to the pit of fire

There was a certain pep in Dan Quinn's step on Friday.

The Falcons went on the road against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and had a statement win on national television. The same team that shellacked the Falcons in week one was easily blown out. The team that typically crumbled in big games stood strong. The reasons are endless: players are buying into the coaching; the offensive depth is stunning; the rookie defensive players are making an impact; the ancient, blood-thirsty falcon using its powers to impact the team as it sees fit.

Is it good? Is it evil? How have members of the media not noticed a 42-foot tall chrome bird in the indoor practice field?

Quinn doesn't really have time to consider any of these questions. He briefly wonders if Todd Bowles is forced to sacrifice people in New York, but decides he's better off kicking the unworthy into a pit of fire than being a part of the New York Jets.

"Close one," Quinn thinks to himself, while lacing up his fire-retardant boots. He could be stuck explaining why he's sticking with Ryan Fitzpatrick every week instead of listening to the unending screams of his friends and coworkers.

A familiar face pops into Dan Quinn's office. "You said you found a pair of sandals?"

"I did. I think we put them in the indoor practice field."

A single, solitary tear rolls down Arthur Blank's face at seeing his old friend Mike Smith sacrificed to the bird. He knows there were no other options. The game plan was perfect. Players executed. And Quinn had to sacrifice the ghosts haunting Flowery Branch. The robed trio nod, chant the full lyrics to Must Be The Money, then return to their secure, underground bunker where the black jerseys are held.

The stark difference in teams last night was shocking. Tampa Bay played like the old Falcons. A defense that fell apart after one or two quarters. Confused players. An offense that quickly went out of balance. A team that just couldn't put it together for 60 minutes.

Quinn kicked in the last shred of Mike Smith's team into the fire. The Falcons are aggressive. They play fast. They adjust. Players look excited to be on the field. And they can finally keep it together for four full quarters. Quinn sacrificed the remnants of the old regime.

No Falcons player or coach deserved to pit of fire this week. Who gets the Falcoholic silent nod of approval?

MattVP! We were apprehensive about Ryan's fit in this scheme after last season but we were proven very wrong. Ryan is putting up historic numbers and is the clearcut candidate for league MVP. Every week the Falcons quarterback is breaking new records and he's been nearly unstoppable all year.