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The Falcoholic Podcast Episode 7: Enjoying another dominant offensive performance against the Cardinals

It’s so much more fun to talk about a win than a loss.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Jeanna and David are joined by fellow editor, and maker of fine wines Kendall Jackson as well as writer Allen Strk to discuss the Falcons offensive beatdown of the Cardinals, which is still fun to talk about. We also talk about the unfortunate loss of Desmond Trufant, and whether the players we signed to replace him are future hall of famers (they’re not).

We also take a look at the rest of the NFC South, including the surprising win for the Bucs over the Seahawks as well as relishing the last second loss of the Panthers to the Raiders.

The crew also takes a look at the upcoming game against the Chiefs, which may be scarier than people realize. Our predictions cover the gamut, with one of the four writers actually picking the Chiefs to win. Tune in to find out who (so you can mock him/her later).

(02:26) Jeanna, DW, Kendall and Allen discuss Trufant going to IR and the players signed to replace him

(09:55) The conversations shifts to the Falcons impressive win over the Cardinals

(29:56) The crew looks at how the rest of the NFC South did with special thanks to the Raiders

(35:40) The conversation wraps up by previewing the game against the Chiefs, along with our score predictions

As always, you can find The Falcoholic podcast on iTunes, the Google Play store and Stitcher.