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Desmond Trufant reportedly needs surgery, will head to IR

The Falcons defense will be looking different on Sundays.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta's top defensive player Desmond Trufant has never missed a game in his entire professional career before injuring himself against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He went from day-to-day to getting a second opinion on his pectoral muscle. After news broke his second opinion was he needed surgery, he went for a third opinion.

Per Mike Garafalo of the NFL Network, that third opinion confirmed he needs surgery.

This is a tough blow to a young defense that was finally putting it together. Trufant has been the team's most consistent defensive player and the Falcons will need to rely on some younger players to fill in an already shallow corner position. Since we are so deep in the season, there's no way Trufant would return to the team until next season. Jalen Collins filled in well for Trufant on Sunday, and undrafted Brian Poole has been holding onto the nickel spot all season.

The only corner left is former wide receiver C.J. Goodwin, who has predominately played on special teams. The Falcons will certainly sign one corner. There are obviously not a lot of available players this late in the season, but they are already looking at bringing in a former starter.

Wreh-Wilson would be an interesting addition, and it is tough to go wrong with a player with starting experience. He may fill in as Atlanta's 4th corner if they do indeed sign him.