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Dan Quinn makes a huge sacrifice, and Taylor Gabriel easily wins game MVP

This was everything Quinn ever wanted. He's running a fast and physical team that is easily handling some of the best teams in the league. He gave the Atlanta Falcons something they've been missing for years: an aggressive identity. He thought his winning attitude would lead the team to the playoffs.

He was half right. The other half, of course, was the supernatural powers divined from a towering, ancient chrome falcon that secretly lived in Flowery Branch. Was it part robot? Ghost? God? Was it reading his mind? Why did it demand blood sacrifices every week, win or lose? Quinn had nothing but questions, but had too much film to watch for next week to consider it too much.

All he knew was a sacrifice was expected, and he wasn't about to enrage something he didn't understand. He couldn't challenge a paranormal being, not to mention his bosses. And Freddie Falcon. Freddie seems to always be around. Following Quinn. Staring at Quinn with his lifeless, unblinking eyes. At the grocery store. The gas station. And Quinn found a disturbing number of feathers in his bed.

"Where else could they have come from," Quinn thinks to himself as his office door slowly opens. Luckily, it's not Freddie. It was this week's sacrifice. And it's been a long time coming.

Farewell, Tyson Jackson.

How has Tyson Jackson not made this list before? Quinn looks for players who made big mistakes. Jackson doesn’t make a lot of them. In fact, Jackson doesn’t really do anything on the field. The DE/DT has 9 forgettable tackles this season, and is perhaps only memorable for taking himself out of plays.

One of Atlanta’s biggest problems is every defensive tackle outside of Grady Jarrett stinks. Jonathan Babineaux is having the worst season of his career, Ra’Shede Hageman wasn’t even active, and Jackson is just a waste of space. The middle of the defensive line is so short on playmakers that just about any running back facing the Falcons looks competent.

Expect the Falcons to clear house in the offseason, starting with the drastically overpaid Jackson.

Game MVP is not even in question this week. Taylor Gabriel took the Arizona Cardinals defense to school.

Taking them to school.

Gabriel had some decent blocking, but really, those long touchdowns were all him. He is just so much faster than everyone else on the field and has shown some great vision. Kyle Shanahan is putting in plays designed just to use his skillset and he’s blown the top off some defenses. His addition was greatly needed to give Matt Ryan an electric passing option outside of Julio Jones, and it is resulting in wins.

Congrats Taylor Gabriel on another great game.