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Matt Bosher will be out today versus the Cardinals

The team’s hard-hitting, hard-punting punter will miss the week. Matt Wile will take his place.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons held out hope all week that Matt Bosher would be able to go today, and he even stretched his leg out during warmups to see if he could effectively bring the thunder. Unfortunately, he could not.

With Bosher out, the Falcons will turn to recent signing Matt Wile at their punter for the week. A kicker and punter at Michigan, Wile has never kicked or punter in an NFL regular season game before, so we really have no idea how he’ll fare. So long as he can avoid any ten yard punts or other embarrassing gaffes, we should be fine for one week, and it’s fair to assume he’ll also handle kickoffs against Arizona.

If Bosher was this close to playing, it’s probably fair to assume he’ll return next week. We wish him a swift recovery.