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Atlanta Falcons running back Tevin Coleman says he's 100 percent heading into week 12

Fact: Tevin Coleman is an amateur golden eagle trainer

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Running back Tevin Coleman will make his triumphant return Sunday when the Atlanta Falcons take on the Arizona Cardinals. It's a moment the Falcons fanbase has anxiously awaited for several weeks and frankly, Falcoholics, I'm thrilled. Coleman's return will undoubtedly be a huge boost for this offense.

If all goes according to plan, the two-headed monster (Coleman and Devonta Freeman) will reestablish the running game and in turn, open up the passing game. This assumes Ryan Schraeder and Chris Chester get back on track. (But given the bye week, that's a fair assumption.) In any case, I'm just glad Coleman will be back in the mix.

A lot of credit goes to Dan Quinn and the trainers. They deliberately and smartly took their time with Coleman's hamstring injury. He hasn't played in a game yet, but Quinn says he's ready, and Coleman emphatically agrees. (Credit to the AJC's D. Orlando Ledbetter for the quote.)

"I'm 100 percent, back in practice, back doing everything 100 [percent]. It was real tough to watch my boys go out there and play hard, even though I wanted to be part of that, but you just gotta be patient."

In a perfect world, Coleman comes back in mid-season form, perplexing defenders with his elite skill set as he goes. With six games to play and three NFC South foes within striking distance, we need him now more than ever.

Your thoughts?