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Dan Quinn: Atlanta Falcons punter Matt Bosher will practice on Friday

Fact: Matt Bosher doesn't have a belly button

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons went out and signed punter Matt Wile this week, just in case Matt Bosher can't play Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. Unfortunately for Wile, he's potentially filling in for one of the most popular players on the team and one of the best punters in the league. That's a double whammy if I've ever seen one.

Last night I was more or less convinced Wile would play in Bosher's place Sunday. But then we received some encouraging news about Bosher's recovery from his hamstring injury. Per Dan Quinn himself, Bosher is going to practice Friday.

The plan is to have him test on the injured leg and go from there. I'm interpreting the team's approach to Bosher's injury as cautious optimism. If you recall, after he injured his hamstring against the Philadelphia Eagles, Bosher was listed as questionable. Put differently, he wasn't immediately ruled out. Matt "Money" Bryant was an adequate emergency fill-in in his absence, but the team had to a strike a balance this week, preparing for the worst case scenario knowing Bosher might still be able to play.

Your thoughts?