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The Falcoholic Podcast Episode 6: Why David Johnson scares the crap out of us

Will a running back go for over 300 yards against this defense? Anything is possible.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The official podcast of The Falcoholic saw DW and Jeanna joined by Dave Choate - the Falcoholic himself - and fellow writer/editor James Rael. The group probably had more fun than reasonable (5% ABV) as they talked about what they did during the bye week.

The discussion got serious as the topics of Jacob Tamme going to IR and Luke Kuechly’s concussion came up. Dave Choate had some choice words for what he thinks of the Buccaneers (they weren’t kind) and they all pretty much agreed that David Johnson will probably destroy the Falcons “defense.”

Come get your hot takes folks!

(02:50) DW, Jeanna, Dave and James discuss what they did during the bye week

(06:21) The group discusses various topics, including Jacob Tamme going on IR, the Kuechly concussion and whether the Buccaneers can make a run for the NFC South

(29:18) The discussion shifts to the upcoming game against the Cardinals with predictions for the contest

As always, The Falcoholic Podcast is available on iTunes, the Google Play store and Stitcher.