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Falcons sign punter Matt Wile; Matt Bosher to miss Cardinals game?

The Falcons have an insurance plan now, at least.

Penn State v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Matt Bosher has been dealing with injuries this year, and Matt Bryant was actually forced to punt a couple of times against the Eagles. As amusing as that was, it’s not sustainable, so the Falcons have gone ahead and filled an open roster spot with another punting option.

The 24-year-old Wile has never recorded a kick or punt in a regular season game, but spent time doing both things at Michigan, where he was a moderately successful punter and pretty accurate kicker. He’s been kicking around in free agency since the Cowboys’ final roster cuts, and obviously we have no idea how Wile will fare if he gets into a game. The Falcons liked him more than the other options they tried, at the very least.

Bosher is no lock to play, as this move indicates. The Falcons are in solid position for the stretch run and have their eye on the playoffs, so going without Bosher for a week so he can heal up is not the worst move they could make right now.

With any luck, Bosher will be able to play Sunday, but if he’s not, expect Wile to be a 1-to-2 week fill-in. Hopefully the hard-hitting