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Falcons - Cardinals odds: Atlanta’s home and favored

This shouldn’t be a surprise, given the way the Cardinals just imploded against the Vikings.

Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Atlanta is fresh off a loss to the Eagles, which may leave you feeling a little sour about their chances going forward. This week, though, it’s perfectly acceptable to think that the Falcons should be expected to win.

The Falcons are favored by four because the Cardinals have been, objectively, a pretty mediocre team in 2016. They looked very mediocre against the Vikings, who suddenly played well, in large part thanks to Carson Palmer’s arm punts. The Falcons are also home and should, at the very least, get Tevin Coleman back. If you’ve got a reasonable argument for the Cardinals being favored that isn’t “David Johnson,” I’m all ears.

Given the way the playoff race has tightened up, the Falcons can’t afford to lose a game like this. Let’s hope the oddsmakers are right.