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Arizona Cardinals HC hospitalized ahead of Atlanta Falcons game

We hope he’s OK, but there’s no guarantee he will be at Sunday’s game.

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals
Bruce Arians is unimpressed with everything you have ever done.
Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons are in a tightening race for a playoff space, and their next opponent might not have their head coach on the sidelines. In scary news, one of the league’s best coaches has been hospitalized.

We send coach Arians our best wishes at this time. He’s truly a great combination of everything you want in your team’s head coach.

Luckily, everyone is saying he looks good. However, the seriousness of this health problem may keep him out of Sunday’s game in Atlanta. It may slow down Arizona’s preparation before they travel across the country and play a 1:00 PM game on the east coast.

I’m not a doctor, but I do pretend to be one on twitter. With that in mind, it may be a stretch that Arians makes the trip and coaches his struggling Cardinals against Atlanta. The Cardinals have a good set of coaches that I would expect to fill in.

We again wish Arians a speedy recovery.