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Falcons vs. Cardinals: What you need to know for Week 12

The bye week is over. Long live Falcons football!

Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

We’re done with the bye week, which means Falcons football will make its awaited return this weekend. They’ll draw the Arizona Cardinals, a dangerous team that has nonetheless been significantly worse than anticipated thus far in 2016.

After a quality weekend for the Falcons where the NFC South did not magically gain a ton of ground on them, this team has a huge opportunity to close out the year in strong fashion, win the NFC South, and try to make some noise in the playoffs with its dangerous offense. That starts by beating the Cardinals at home, which propels you to 7-4 and dispatches one of the more dangerous opponents left on your schedule. Let’s hope they can do it.

Here’s what you need to know for the game.

Falcons - Cardinals Week 12 rundown

Schedule: Sunday, November 27, 1 p.m. EST

Location: Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia

Channel: FOX

Rival Site: Revenge of the Birds

Key Story Lines: Will the Falcons have Tevin Coleman and Desmond Trufant back? Can they slow down David Johnson, one of the best running backs in the NFL? Will Julio Jones eat a lot, or just a little?