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NFL will reportedly fine Keanu Neal for hit on Jordan Matthews

We knew this was coming.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest hit in last week's Atlanta Falcons game was easily Keanu Neal's brutal hit on Jordan Matthews. Part of the trouble with being a big hitter is it increases the chances of coming in contact with a player's helmet. That will result in fines, like this one.

Neal, a first round pick, should be able to afford the fine. He's not known as a dirty player, and said after the game it was an accident. Matthews went a little low after the catch, and Neal hit him right in the face mask and shoulder area. There was oddly no penalty on the play after Matthews got rocked.

Also important is Neal needs to control the way he plays. A lot of the big hitter defensive backs tend to break down physically before other players. Look at the early demise of William Moore and Dunta Robinson as evidence. Hopefully this fine will focus Neal to play a bit safer with not only other players but himself.