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We find out if Dan Quinn can sacrifice 53 players to the metal falcon deity

The long week just didn't feel right.

Quinn coached up the Atlanta Falcons to a dominant win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But was it Quinn's direction? Or was it that the vengeful, menacing bird that is always in Quinn's thoughts approved of sacrificing Ricardo Allen? Quinn followed up the miraculous win by kicking Mike Smith into the cleansing pool of fire.

As usual, the pits of fire flared. The falcon let out a terrible, screeching laugh. Freddie Falcon stared unblinking into the pit of fire. It's like he didn't even feel the heat. Just staring. Unmoving. Watching the sacrifice. Eyes wide open.

"That's so weird," Quinn thinks to himself. He opens the door to his office in Flowery Branch only to see falcons perched on every bit of furniture. "Not this again. SHOO. SHOO. Why does this keep happening?" His office was locked and all his windows were closed. How do they even get in? He had no idea if this was related to the ancient bird god living in the practice facility, but the way the birds all flapped in unison certainly raised Quinn's suspicions.

That just couldn't be a coincidence. What else couldn't be a coincidence? The Falcons failing in all three phases of the game. A team could not possible go more hot and cold than Atlanta. Mike Smith was a bad sacrifice. With the Falcons so close to the playoffs, Quinn needs to make a drastic move to get back in the bird god's good graces.

And just in case he picks wrong, Quinn needs to double down. Nearly the entire team could be sacrificed to Samuel L. Falcon.

Julio Jones, say it ain't so! Maybe the bird god will allow you to escape, but what a crippling drop today. He had 135 yards but was struggling to gain separation on a rotating group of weak Eagles corners. It just never got going for Jones.

Who else made the trio? Ryan Schraeder, the one time diamond in the rough of Atlanta's undrafted free agents has been having one disaster year. What'd we see today? Penalties and some very bad blocking. The biggest problem is that we've been seeing that all year. He may only have a few months left in Atlanta. Another diamond in the rough, Brian Poole, was picked on all game, and had a bad PI call leading to an Eagles touchdown. He was caught holding on a kick off and pinned back a Falcons offense that had their worst game of the year.

A lot of mistakes from that group, but this was a game of poor performances.

Who is the game's MVP? A guy the Cleveland Browns didn't even want. (This still boggles my mind)

If Alex Mack was the best addition this offseason, I think Taylor Gabriel is in the discussion for second place. He gets loose for a big play nearly every game, and was responsible for Atlanta's one touchdown on a ridiculous 76 yard catch.

Woah, buddy, this guy really is something else. He's small but has the speed to blow the top off a defense. In retrospect, he could have used a few more targets today.