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Falcons-Broncos post-game injury report: Atlanta Falcons come away from victory unscathed

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Fact: Vic Beasley makes delicious fried rice

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons kept rolling as they handily defeated the defending Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos this afternoon. They got the win and really that's all that matters. Some haters skeptical critics will point to who was under center for the Broncos, but that's just disingenuous, because neither team was at full strength. To be honest, there weren't any truly noteworthy injuries today. But there are a couple injury-related items worth highlighting.

Two players whose health was arguably questionable at the beginning of the game didn't come away from the win looked affected. For the first time this season, I didn't see Julio Jones limping or favoring a particular leg, ankle, high ankle, pinkie toe, etc. That's somewhat shocking to the system, particularly because he took a hard hit in the second half to his left hip. Meanwhile Matt Bosher is completely unaffected by his former hamstring injury. That or he can punt the ball 68 yards with a jacked up hamstring.

Vic Beasley was briefly hobbled in the fourth quarter after Keanu Neal hit him trying to lay out Broncos rookie quarterback Paxton Lynch. It actually sounded way worse than it looked in slow motion, if that makes any sense. While I like Neal and appreciate his "all or nothing" effort, I'd appreciate if he didn't try to murder his own teammates in the future.

Brian Poole was also injured in the fourth quarter. Poole, the Falcons slot corner, has been playing at a level way above his pay grade as an undrafted free agent. Luckily he appeared to shake it off.

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