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Falcons vs. Broncos inactives: ATL short linebackers, DEN short four starters

It feels like a close matchup for both teams, so the inactives are important.

Jalen Collins. Forever alone.
Jalen Collins. Forever alone.
Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

No surprise inactives for the Atlanta Falcons. We knew a few days ago that Paul Worrilow, Deion Jones, and De'Vondre Campbell would be out. The Falcons are shoooort on linebackers but otherwise no impact players missing.

What is surprising is that Jalen Collins did not come back and push for even a diminished defensive role. The Broncos are pretty deep with pass catchers and the Falcons are short on corners and now linebackers. It is moderately concerning, and suggests that he may be out of shape or the Falcons expect Denver to focus on running the ball.

What about the Denver Elways?

Siemian is of course the Denver starting quarterback, but his injury makes way for first round rookie Paxton Lynch. Ware is still a quality player and his loss should help Atlanta's pass game. Green has been a surprising tight end, leaving Denver a bit short at the position. Stephenson started two games at tackle for the Broncos and none of that matters because Atlanta doesn't have a pass rush.

Update: As the unofficial Falcoholic photoshopper pointed out, Stephenson's status should hurt Denver's run game. The Denver offensive line is already pretty uneven and Stephenson may be their best run blocker. The change could slow down C.J. Anderson just enough.