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By the Numbers Stats Preview for Falcons @ Broncos

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How does Atlanta’s historic offense match up against Denver’s excellent defense statistically?

Denver Broncos v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Falcons offense is coming off a historic day against the Carolina Panthers. We’re all excited about the potential of this group, and Atlanta will face it’s toughest test of the season against Denver.

Atlanta has looked unstoppable on offense and Denver has stopped everyone in their path. The age-old battle between elite offense and elite defense continues, but who will win this round?

Let’s take a look at how these two teams match up statistically.


Points/game: Atlanta Falcons 38 (1st), Denver Broncos 27.8 (5th)
Total Yds/game: Atlanta Falcons 478.8 (1st), Denver Broncos 342.2 (21st)
Passing Yds/game: Atlanta Falcons 354.2 (1st), Denver Broncos 236.5 (23rd)
Passing TDs: Atlanta Falcons 11 (T-1st), Denver Broncos 7 (T-9th)
Rushing Yds/game: Atlanta Falcons 124.5 (6th), Denver Broncos 105.8 (15th)
Rushing TDs: Atlanta Falcons 5 (T-5th), Denver Broncos 4 (T-9th)
Third Down Efficiency: Atlanta Falcons 45% (10th), Denver Broncos 41% (T-14th)
Turnover Margin: Atlanta Falcons +3 (T-6th), Denver Broncos +3 (T-6th)


Points/game: Atlanta Falcons 31 (29th), Denver Broncos 16 (5th)
Total Yds/game: Atlanta Falcons 419.2 (30th), Denver Broncos 283.2 (4th)
Passing Yds/game: Atlanta Falcons 317.0 (31st), Denver Broncos 169.5 (2nd)
Passing TDs: Atlanta Falcons 13 (32nd), Denver Broncos 2 (T-4th)
Rushing Yds/game: Atlanta Falcons 102.2 (16th), Denver Broncos 113.8 (21st)
Rushing TDs: Atlanta Falcons 2 (T-6th), Denver Broncos 5 (23rd)
Third Down Efficiency: Atlanta Falcons 44% (T-24th), Denver Broncos 44% (T-24th)
Sacks: Atlanta Falcons 4 (T-31st), Denver Broncos 17 (2nd)

As you might expect, Atlanta dominates the offensive statistics, while Denver cleans up in most of the defensive categories.

The Falcons offense is better in essentially every stat, but the Broncos have done surprisingly well in points/game (5th). Some of that likely has to do with their defensive scoring, as they are average to below-average in most other offensive stats. The two teams are tied with a +3 turnover margin.

Denver’s defense is as strong as ever. In points/game, total yds/game, passing yds/game, and sacks, they rank in the top-5 of each category. Where they are vulnerable, however, is against the run. Atlanta (16th) has actually performed better against the run than Denver (21st) in both rushing yds/game and rushing TDs. The Broncos and Falcons have both been below average on third down, allowing a 44% conversion rate.

This should be a great game between two good teams that will determine just how dangerous the Falcons offense and Broncos defense really are. Atlanta may be able to find success by running the ball and using play action, but the Falcons defense must step up and prevent the Broncos from gaining a lead, which could be a tall task for a depleted unit.

What do you think about this matchup between the Falcons and Broncos? Does the offense have a chance to continue their dominance on the road at Denver?