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Update: Atlanta Falcons LB Deion Jones out for Denver Broncos game

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We've got some bad news.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Just about every Atlanta Falcons linebacker will be out for Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos. Based on practice reports from two beat writers, Atlanta's defensive standout player won't play against Denver.

This will be a huge problem if we hope to slow down Gary Kubiak's offense, which, similar to Kyle Shanahan's offense, runs a wide zone that can expose a front seven with a lack of speed. Not only that, Jones has been making plays left and right all season. He was a popular pick for defensive player of the year and rookie of the year in the Falcoholic's four game awards.

Who will replace Jones? It looks like Philip Wheeler will fill in at weakside with LaRoy Reynolds manning the middle. Wheeler has plenty of prior starting experience and should hold up OK despite his inconsistent play. The bigger question will be LaRoy Reynolds who has four career starts since 2013. He made four tackles against the Carolina Panthers and didn't look too bad. Career underachiever A.J. Hawk was signed to backup Reynolds.

The Broncos will be starting either rookie Paxton Lynch or inured Trevor Siemian at quarterback, so they should be running the ball early and often against Atlanta. Lets see how well the team can do without Jones.

Update: That did not take too long. The Atlanta Falcons officially ruled out the star linebacker for Sunday's game. This is a big hit to a defense that is already pretty bad.