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The Falcfans Podcast: National spotlight

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The new episode previews Sunday's clash against Denver, which includes two special guests. We get into Julio Jones against Denver's cornerbacks, Vic Beasley-Shane Ray, Robert Alford, and more.

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The Atlanta Falcons begin their challenging West Coast trip in Denver. With a nationally televised matchup on Fox, we brought on two special guests to analyze this game. It doesn’t get much better than the best offense (on paper) against the best defense. This should be a great litmus test for one of the biggest surprise stories this season.

Pro Football Focus’ Mike Renner joins Falcfans’ Aaron Freeman and I to discuss this fantastic matchup. We immediately get into Julio Jones’ recent performance and what Denver’s secondary brings to the table. Mike talks about Dwight Freeney being the Falcons’ best pass rusher, which transitions into Vic Beasley’s development and stacking him up against fellow edge rusher Shane Ray. Mike talks about his training camp road trips to Jacksonville, Tennessee, and Atlanta as well. He spent a day at Flowery Branch in August.

The Falcoholic’s boss man Dave Choate returns to the show, as we assess the A.J Hawk signing and decimated linebacker unit. That correlates into the Denver game by dissecting the running game’s significance. Aaron is concerned about Von Miller (as does everyone), while Robert Alford’s recent struggles are highlighted. Ryan Schraeder and Chris Chester are discussed as well.

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