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NFL power rankings: Atlanta Falcons getting all kinds of love following week four victory over Carolina Panthers

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Fact: Matt Ryan believes in a thing call "love"

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

It's a good time to be an Atlanta Falcons fan. The offense is clicking, the defense is slowly trending in the right direction, and Dan Quinn's plan seems to be working as intended. Sunday's game against the surging Denver Broncos may bring us all down to Earth. But for now, let's soak it in. What's more, the Falcons are getting some serious love in this week's power rankings. 10th

Interesting thought delivered by Cris Collinsworth on the Chiefs-Steelers telecast Sunday night: Matt Ryan is the league MVP right now. Why not? Who would you put over the Falcons' quarterback? You can't put the Broncos' defense on the trophy. Dak Prescott has been efficient, not otherworldly. Ditto Carson Wentz, who's been more rock solid than prolific.

ESPN: 8th

The Falcons have scored at least 35 points in three straight games and have now scored 152 points on the season. The 2013 Broncos, 2002 Raiders and 2000 Rams are the only teams in the past 20 years to score that many points in the first four games of the season.

SB Nation: 8th

In the last three weeks, the Atlanta Falcons are averaging 42.7 points per game and had Julio Jones look like a damn cheat code in Week 4. Through four weeks Matt Ryan leads the NFL in just about every passing category. Nobody has a higher completion percentage, more yards, more touchdowns, a higher passer rating, or a higher QBR (whatever that is). But up next are the Broncos and they've had no problem dishing out some bad days.

Yahoo Sports: 8th

If you're picking an MVP right now, based just on what we've seen so far ... the only answer is Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. He has a 126.3 passer rating. Nobody else in the NFL, with at least 100 passes, is above 104.6.

Washington Post: 10th

Matt Ryan for MVP? Of course. Who didn't have that one pegged heading into the season? Things get mighty interesting this weekend, though, with Ryan (coming off his 503-yard passing performance) and Julio Jones (coming off his 300-yard receiving game) set to face the Broncos defense in Denver.

Bleacher Report: 9th

The Falcons' offensive coordinator is a master craftsman. Few could piece together a better game plan—and even fewer could completely dominate a defense like Carolina's. How'd it happen? Shanahan started by imitating the Panthers' power run game; Devonta Freeman churned out yards and set the tone. Then, when safeties crept up...Julio Jones. Julio Jones. And more Julio Jones.

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