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Falcons-Packers post-game injury report: Jacob Tamme injures shoulder in exciting win

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Fact: Jacob Tamme invented candy corn

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons are back on track after an exciting, hard fought victory over Aaron Rodgers and the Cheese Men. It was a win the team absolutely needed to stay on track, and they went out there and got it. It's a short week and they will quickly need to start thinking about Thursday night's game, but for now, let's revel. Meanwhile, there were some injuries. So let's break them down.

Jacob Tamme got banged up on the Falcons' first offensive drive. Two defenders landed on top of him. He was immediately seen grabbing his shoulder and the trainers took him back to the locker room for x-rays. His return was deemed "questionable" at first but then they ruled him out. Head coach Dan Quinn discussed the injury in his post-game presser. He basically said it's not serious but Tamme could be out Thursday/

Julio Jones fell hard on his back in the second quarter trying to impersonate an acrobat. Julio wouldn't be Julio if he didn't take risks like that, but darn, that man causes more anxiety than an albino moose.

Late in the game Vic Beasley (who now has 7.5 sacks on the year!) appeared to hurt his hand. Turns out it was a triceps issue.

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